Grow the good moments together

What is kasvi ?
kasvi is a paired home decor device to prompt meaningful interactions between you and your loved ones
Space for Video
Where the conversation starts​
Share the Moment through kasvi


While you are taking care of your precious plants, kasvi shares the moment with your loved ones

Ambiently Interact with Loved Ones

kasvi receiver glows to notify you when your loved one is tending to their plant

Hold to Respond

Hold your kasvi to let them know your'e thinking about them as well. Built-in motion and touch sensor of kasvi knows your thought and send it back to your loved ones

Stay Connected Despite the Distance


kasvi devices are connected via Wi-Fi and Cloud, that way you and your loved ones can feel engaged with each other regardless of distance

Connect to Multiple People

kasvi extends your care to family and friends. Download the mobile app and simply connect multiple kasvi pots and assign different colour codes to each family member or friend. 

Place Anywhere in your Home
Battery-powered kasvi can sit anywhere in the house. Find the best sunny spot for your beloved plant or accent dining table with stylish decor
Easy Cleaning
Remove the top container for easy cleaning.
Never Compromise
kasvi is designed to fit a standard 9cm flower pot. Technology is not an excuse to compromise the quality of life.

Meet The Team

Katrina Cheung

Design Director

Tiffany Wu

User Experience Lead

Yiqing Wang

Engineering Lead

Shava Zhou

Marketing Lead

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